Venues4 search for conference facilities in many European Cities...

Locations: Europe

Venues4 search for conference facilities in many European Cities...

Locations: Europe

European Conferences | Case Study

Client Sector: Pharmaceutical

Event: European Conferences

Group: 120 - 200 Delegates

1. Business Objectives...

To hold residential Conferences throughout Europe, which will enable healthcare professionals to be brought up to date with advances in technology and developments within their specialist fields.

2. Challenges...

Logistics:  Sourcing hotels with suitable meeting space to fit a large stage set and meet the specific criteria required.

Technology:  Ensuring full support from in house audio visual departments who are able to work on technical presentations. Wifi must also be available throughout the hotels.

Service Levels:  The level of service from pre planning, up to and including the day the events take place, must be of an excellent standard. Both the service standards and the quality of food during the events are key requirements.

Accommodation:  All participants must have rooms of equal standard in the same hotel for each conference.

Budget:  The costs for all aspects of the conferences must be within the parameters set by the
Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct.

Location:  Hotels to be located in European City Centre locations, within 30 minutes of an airport.

3. Solutions Delivered...

The ability to search quickly across multiple European cities to secure hotels able to match the client’s requirements.  This ensures a quick turnaround of the enquiry to meet clients’ deadlines.

Effective negotiation to ensure the best rates are achieved.

Preparation of offers from multiple venues to enable the client to evaluate the options.

To obtain any additional information required and arrange site visits with several venues to help the client reach their final decision.

4. Why Choose Venues4...

Venue Finding is our specialism and we continually strive to keep ahead of new Hotel / Venue openings to ensure the most up to date knowledge is applied to each venue search.

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