Venues in world class destinations sourced and booked by Venues4

Locations: Worldwide

Venues in world class destinations sourced and booked by Venues4...

Locations: Worldwide

World Conference & Expo | Case Study

Client Sector: HR Industry

Event: World Conference & Expo in 4 Destinations

Group: 1,500 - 5,000 Delegates

1. Business Objectives...

To host dynamic HR Networking events for Corporate Global organisations, focused on the future of work and technology.

2. Challenges...

Venue Suitability:  To source venues for congresses that reflect the company’s vision, image, values and most importantly facilitate future growth, in a very fast changing innovative industry

Logistics:  Finding venues with a capacity to offer a plenary session.

Technology:  Ensuring that the venues have WIFI, technical services and branding opportunities
to meet the client’s needs.

Services:  Locating venues offering a “one stop shop” for all services required for each congress.

Accommodation:  To arrange bedroom blocks at hotels close to the venues for participants to book directly via a website link.

Budget:  To ensure that costs are kept in line with the budget for each congress.

Location:  Sourcing venues in cities close to a main airport hub as participants are global.

3. Solutions Delivered..

Identify venues in line with the original client’s brief in the best locations and secure availability
and offers from the venues.

To ensure the best rates are achieved and in line with the client’s budget.

Propose the offers for each venue for comparisons. All pros and cons of each venue are evaluated.

Arrange and attend site visits with the shortlisted venues.

Facilitate all negotiations to ensure both parties are ready to proceed to contract stage.

4. Why Choose Venues4...

Venue Finding is our specialism and we continually strive to keep ahead of new Hotel / Venue openings to ensure the most up to date knowledge is applied to each venue search.

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